Getting In Shape Takes A Lot Less Time Than You Think!

Learn to achieve major fitness goals…even when you have little time or energy to workout!

If working out feels like a part-time job, it's time to rethink how you exercise

You deserve a fit and healthy body. But why is every fitness program so hard to stick with?

Have you ever tried to get in shape, only to find yourself quitting after only a few weeks or few months?

If yes, you're not alone.

Many people struggle with balancing fitness programs with family, social, and work responsibilities. There is only so much time in the day and fitting it all in can be frustratingly difficult.

To make matters worse, trying to figure out the best fitness program for you -- what to do, how to do it, when to do it -- can also be equally confusing.


There are literally thousands of options (just search Amazon for fitness books), and that number multiplies 100-fold when you include diet's no wonder people have no idea where to even begin.

So who do you turn to? 

This is probably one of the most difficult questions to answer because expertise in physical fitness often takes a back seat to slick marketing

After all, how much do orange bikes and green frogs really have to do with science of physical transformation?

As someone that has been part of the fitness world for 30+ years, I feel for you. The whole industry is set up to grab you when you have that occasional spark of motivation...but provides virtually nothing for your long term success. 

And while every fitness guru loves to talk about their success one mentions the x amount of bodies that have come and gone through their doors -- only to quit after a few sessions.

You know this to be true. You've seen it. Maybe you've been part of it.


Something has to change.

Introducing The Fitness Accelerator Bundle!

The Fitness Accelerator Bundle (F.A.B) gives you all the tools you need to look, feel, and perform your best in the next 12 weeks…and for the rest of your life. Over 30 years of fitness experience went into this comprehensive, yet easy to implement program designed specifically to be the only fitness program you will ever need. The F.A.B teaches you exactly what you need to know -- and exactly how to do it -- and can be completed in just a few minutes each week.

If you've EVER struggled to maintain a fitness program, the F.A.B is for you!

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Here’s What You’ll Get When You Sign Up

The Fitness Accelerator Bundle isn't just an amazing online fitness course. You will also work directly with me for 12 weeks -- both online and/or in person to make sure you progress with 100% efficiency, and also internalize the keys to sustainable fitness. Whatever your fitness goal, the F.A.B will show you the way and set you up for long-term success.

Science-Based Fitness Instruction: To Look, Feel, & Perform Your Best

We'll leave nothing to chance. Everything you'll learn is backed by peer-reviewed research and decades of real-world experience.

No More Guessing: A Fitness Game Plan For Life

Never wonder what you need to do again. Learn a fitness system that will serve you for years --and even decades -- to come. 

Waste Zero Time: Fitness In Minutes, Not Hours

By focusing on very specific exercises, you can free up 6-8 hours per week (that you'd previously spend at the gym) and still crush your fitness goals. 

Doctors Approved: Improve Your Health Markers

By combining a smart fitness approach with proven nutritional concepts, you will move your health markers in the right direction. 

Here’s what people are saying about the Fitness Accelerator Bundle

The Fitness Accelerator Bundle gets results because it follows a proven process and helps you actually LEARN how the body responds to the right exercise and smart nutrition.

Here is what noted health experts have to say about the F.A.B. 

Lovena Suson, P.T.

Physical Therapist, Author, 'Self-Treating Patient' series 

Super Educational, Easy to Use

"As a physical therapist that creates client care  educational programs, I can say this one is exceptional. Great instruction, precautions, safe and proper form --it's all there. Combined with live training, this program is a winner."

Dr. Doug McGuff

Co-author, 'Body by Science'

Inspired Results For Every Body 

"Patrick is an incredible trainer; he truly knows how to get results for his client. Being able to get yourself in great shape is an outstanding accomplishment; being able to inspire others to do it is even better."

Susan Hewlings, Ph.D, R.D.

Professor, textbook co-author 'Nutrition: Real People, Real Choices '

Great Nutrition Course; Sustainability Message On Point

"Successfully coaching people to reach short term goals is one thing, getting them to understand the importance of long-term health and fitness thinking is a separate challenge. This program does both extremely well."

 A Complete Fitness System

The Fitness Accelerator Bundle (F.A.B) includes EVERYTHING you need to reach your fitness goals and set up a fitness program for life. This includes online courses, live instruction, and an incredible support community.


Fitness Accelerator 1.0

This online video course will teach you the foundational workouts that will help you look, feel, and perform your best -- now and for the rest of your life. Both mobile, and desktop friendly, this course is broken down into 4 modules and 16 easy-to-consume video and text-based lessons that will get you up to speed in no time at all.


Premium Nutrition Course

This online course will teach you a sustainable way to improve your diet quality for better health and weight control. We've combined the latest nutrition science with psychological and behavioral findings to help you improve your overall diet and find a healthy approach to eating that you can live with.


Live One-On-One Training

Nothing beats live training to make sure you get the most out of the Fitness Accelerator and Premium Nutrition course. 12-weeks of live training offers unmatched accountability and can be done virtually online or in-person at the Strength Clinic studio in Orlando.  

Special offer! Enroll now and get a 30% discount !


The Fitness Accelerator Bundle Also Includes These Exclusive Bonuses!

The three core features (described above) of the Fitness Accelerator Bundle are just the beginning of your fitness journey with us. You'll also receive the following two bonuses to bring your fitness education and support to the next level.

Bonus 1
Support From The F.A.B Community

With the Fitness Accelerator Bundle, you'll never have to go at this alone! Our members-only Facebook group offers unique access to your course leader and other like-minded individuals pursuing their fitness goals.

 Inside our F.A.B group you'll have access to additional tips, instructions, and advice, along with livestreams, Q&A, and incredible support from a community you'll love.

Bonus 2
Knowledge From Industry Leaders!

Deepen your understanding of core fitness concepts with a hand-picked selection of digital format books delivered straight from Amazon to your Kindle, iPad, or mobile phone. 

Your continued fitness education will be taught by such noted fitness authors as Doug McGuff, M.D., John Little, Bill DeSimone, and Ellington Darden, PhD

About The Course Leader,
Patrick Diver

For nearly 20 years, Patrick has led the way to exceptional fitness results for a diverse range of Orlando residents, and has supervised over 25,000 injury-free workouts.

Patrick's fitness expertise has been featured on Fox-35, WKMG-6, News 13, and he has given over 100 fitness talks to Central Florida companies including Darden Restaurants, Universal Creative, and Gray Robinson.

A competitive cyclist, Patrick has won multiple state championships in both Missouri and Florida, a Southeastern masters regional championship, and has been on the podium for both the road and track at masters nationals. 

High Praise For Fitness Accelerator Bundle Creator and Strength Clinic Owner, Patrick Diver

Joy Ragan

Attorney, Author, 'Divorce with Joy: A Divorce Attorney's Guide To Happily Ever After'

Strength Clinic Leads The Way

"I have trained with Patrick for years and I've never been stronger. Patrick's knowledge and expertise are unmatched."

Brian Davis

US Masters National Cycling Champion

Get Out Front

"Patrick showed me how to get the most out of my sport. I know my increase in core and upper body strength has made a significant difference in my climbing and it's definitely improved my ability to stay strong at the end of races."

Micheal Shea

Orlando's #1 Ranked Business Broker

Invest In the Best

"Best damn fitness trainer in town...highly recommended for the busy professional."

Finally! The Complete 20-Minute Fitness System That Is As Smart As You Are!

You probably don't need "...yet another fitness program"

You need something smarter.

Why the Fitness Accelerator Bundle is...better, stronger faster...

There is very little I have not seen or experienced in working with hundreds of clients over the years, as well as staying up-to-date with the current fitness literature and peer reviewed studies.

Since I've been involved with fitness for over 30 years now, I have seen firsthand how much fitness and nutrition nonsense gets shiny new packaging and recycled to consumers every year. 

I believe this does a tremendous disservice to people that simply want to look, feel, and perform their best but are let down and discouraged by false promises and too good to be true marketing claims

There is a better way though.

You can make dramatic improvements in your health and fitness if you are ready for the change and are gently guided in the right direction. It doesn't have to take hours and hours per week if you focus on what matters most and become educated on the process.

This is why I created the Fitness Accelerator Bundle.

Join me now and discover a lifetime of fitness!

100% Satisfaction Guarantee for 30-Days

If, for any reason, you don't like the Fitness Accelerator Bundle, you can get a full refund anytime within 30 days after your first purchase. If you have any issues, just get in touch with us and we'll either help you out until you get the results you need or give you a swift refund.

Don’t wait! Look at what Strength Clinic students have said about the Fitness Accelerator Bundle training methods!

No matter your fitness goals, the Fitness Accelerator Bundle has you covered. It's a great place to start if you're a complete fitness beginner, yet it can also provide the framework and structure needed for even professional athletes to reach new heights. 

Jason Lazarus

CEO, Synergy Settlements, Author, 'The Art of the Settlement'

The Busy Professional's Choice

"The workouts are fast, efficient, and effective. For the busy professional, this is a smart way to work on your health. Highly recommended."

Michael Hernandez

US National Cycling Champion

Train Like a Champion

"The one on one work has really helped me in terms of following and tracking my progress. I've trained in the past but never with this much guided focus."

Brian Lazusky

Knights of Columbus 

Never Miss A Workout

"The best thing about working out at Strength Clinic is the efficiency. With work and family, my schedule is full, but I never have to miss working out. I can get in and out quickly, and still see measurable results: I lost 22 pounds in my first couple months and I continue to see my strength increase each month. To me that's a total win."

Frequently Asked Questions

What is included in the Fitness Accelerator Bundle?

The Fitness Accelerator Bundle includes everything you need to successfully build a sustainable personal health and fitness plan that will help you reach your fitness goals now and also in the future. 

1. Fitness Accelerator 1.0. This mobile friendly video course will teach you the foundational workouts to help you look, feel, and perform your best.

2. Premium Nutrition Course. This mobile friendly video course will teach you a sustainable method to improve your diet quality, and improve long-term body composition. 

3. Live One-on-One Training. Once-a-week for 12 weeks, you'll train with Patrick to ensure you've learned the course material and progress quickly. 

4. Bonus 1: F.A.B members-only Facebook page. You'll receive exclusive access to this page for additional tips, advice, Q&A, livestreams, and interaction with other like-minded individuals pursing their fitness goals. 

5. Bonus 2: Digital downloads.  You'll receive three digital fitness books hand-selected by Patrick to help expand your body of knowledge and reinforce the lessons you learn in the F.A.B. 

Where is the live training?

The live one-on-on sessions can be completed via Virtual Studio online personal training (zoom) or at our Orlando, Florida location in College Park. 

What equipment is needed for the home workout?

We generally recommend two or three sets of dumbbells or one adjustable set. If using regular dumbbells, we will advise which ones to buy in our initial phone conversation. A set of resistance bands and a yoga brick is helpful too. 

Can I do the workouts at my gym?

Absolutely. The Fitness Accelerator 1.0 online course teaches you both a routine you can do at your gym and one you can do at home. 

What diet philosophy do you promote?

Our premium nutrition course touches on different diet approaches, but focuses more on real world steps you can implement to make sustainable improvements to your diet quality. The course is consistent with the latest nutrition research (with references) and discusses various psychological and behavioral ideas to help shape your habits. 

I am a beginner. Will this work for me?

The Fitness Accelerator Bundle is a great place for a beginner to start because it will help create smart training habits from the start. Even intermediate and advanced trainees will get a lot from the program, especially if maintaining fitness training consistency has been a problem in the past. 

My personal note to you...

Trying something new can be a bit scary...I get that. Especially when your hard earned dollars are at stake and you've tried countless fitness programs in the past.

But when it comes to your personal health and quality of life, your greatest chance for success is to plug into a program that has an undisputed track record of success

The core concepts of this program have been around for 50 years and also has been verified through decades of research. 

The bottom line is this:

I have used this exact 20-minute system for nearly 20 years now and know countless others that have done it for as long...and even longer. 

So plug in just like I did so many years ago and give it your best effort. I guarantee you'll be thrilled with the results and never look back!

Yours in health, 

Special offer! Enroll now and get a 30% discount !

Strength Clinic Orlando

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