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About this course

For most people losing weight is a challenge; keeping it off, an even bigger challenge.

Diet programs usually ask you to do two things: change what you're eating and eat less. As long as you are motivated to follow the plan, you will likely lose weight.The problem is most people don't possess an endless supply of motivation.Eventually meals become a little larger, workouts are missed, and…well, you know the rest of the story.I have a lot of empathy for this scenario because I know how hard it’s been to change my own eating habits.

I have some good news for you though --  making genuine sustainable improvements to your diet IS possible . 

I put this video together utilizing the latest peer-reviewed nutrition research along with some forward-thinking behavioral and psychological principles to help you in the process.  Will your diet ever be "perfect?"First, let's try to let go of the idea of perfection, and embrace the idea of making  consistent improvements  to your diet. This video will teach you fundamental concepts that will improve how you eat and will gently nudge you in the direction of eating in a manner that supports good health. In short, this isn't a “diet” but a series of ideas that should work for anyone interested in improving this part of their life.

While the information presented here CAN help you lose weight, it should be understood that achieving and maintaining an ideal weight  only happens  when you make better food choices. 

My goal is to show you how to do that in a sustainable way.

SPECIAL NOTE:  The video is just 40 minutes long and has an accompanying  6-page PDF .

I encourage you to   print the PDF  and complete it while watching. I think you will find that writing things down serves both to focus your attention and help retention.

Total Video Length:  40:37

Minute 0:00  -  Introduction and my experience working with clients Minute 2:30  - What gets in your way? Minute 4:28  — Think in terms of systems Minute 6:39  — Systems vs goals Minute 10:55  — Taking action Minute 15:20  — Body comp fundamental truth #1 CI/CO  Minute 18:01  — Body comp fundamental truth #2 Protein Minute 21:13  — Body comp fundamental truth #3 Fruits and Veg Minute 24:01  — Body comp fundamental truth #4 Muscle Minute 25:44  — Putting it all together Minute 27:13  — System #1: Improve your diet quality with DQS app Minute 28:49  — System #2: Weigh yourself daily Minute 30:10  — System #3: Be active Minute 32:32  — How to approach food moving forward: Tier 1 & Tier 2 Minute 38:59  — Considerations for endurance athletes Minute 40:03 — Final words

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Improving Diet Quality For Health and Vitality

Learn a sustainable way to improve your diet quality for better health and weight control. 

Nutrition Video Course

This 40-minute video lesson presents a holistic approach to sustainable weight management. The latest nutrition science is combined with psychological and behavioral findings to help you improve your overall diet and find a healthy approach to eating that you can live with. 

The Best Weight Loss App

Most weight loss apps simply track food and calories. The app presented in this lesson helps focus you on an even more important quality for sustainable weight management  -- improving your diet quality. 

Premium Course

Research Overview

Get a deeper understanding of the concepts taught in the nutrition video course with this collection of research papers, articles, and videos used to create the course. 

Are You Stuck?

If you find your weight loss has plateaued -- or has not yet started -- read these additional tips to get you on the right track.